Safe City Solutions

And we are learning to analyse this combined data, for example, using artificial intelligence to automatically flag when something unusual is happening. So if I have 10,000 cameras, I do not need 1,000 people watching those cameras. I just need maybe just 10 people. Each person can watch 1,000 cameras and if the AI detects that something funny is happening, it will pop up and the man can pay attention and a response can be directed.” Prime Minister’s Speech at National Day Rally 2017

Safe City solutions enable the Control Room to collect and manage information quickly and efficiently, enable appropriate decisions to be made based on accurate, timely and relevant information, and deploy scarce resources effectively to where it truly matters.

Our offerings of Intelligent surveillance, video content analytics, Physical Security Information Management (PSIM), Mobile Information and Incident Management systems; Threat-Vulnerability-Risk Assessment Study and Audit (TVRA) are examples of solutions that support rapid and effective decision making processes, and enable timely and appropriate responses.